Volleyball Problems: No one understands how hard it is.

4 Dec

If you don’t honestly play volleyball for a club team or a high school team you wouldn’t understand how hard it is. Everyone says “oh volleyball is an easy sport” or “all you do stand there and wait for it to be near you and you just throw the ball over” Well it’s not just that, we have to work just as much as any soccer or basketball player. We go to conditioning twice a week and we have practices twice a week. I don’t see them play 7-9 volleyball games a day and having to wake up at 5 in the morning and not come home until 8! Yeah it’s super hard!


3 helpful tips to start your volleyball career!

16 Nov

Starting volleyball is a tough thing to do. People may say “oh volleyball isn’t a sport” or “volleyballs easy”. Well they’re wrong. At first, that’s what I believed. I thought it was just another sport where you didn’t have to run or you didn’t have to do anything, but just stand on court and touch the ball if it came to you. I was wrong too, but I wish I knew that. So I will tell you the 3 most important tips you need to know in volleyball!

Tip #1: Always be loud. Whether you’re on or off the court. Your team will always be encouraged if they think you believe in them. It also looks good because if you’re cheering on the bench it makes it seem like you’re super engaged in the game to your coach and so they put you in. 

Tip #2: Before you start a season or before you start the new sport make sure you have some stamina. You need to be ready to either do lines, suicides, or even diving lines. Also, make sure that you have some core work because if you don’t, you won’t be able to be flexible enough to hit from different angles. 

Tip #3: Be coachable. If a coach gives you a helpful tip that they think can make you a better player, USE IT! Trust me the coaches will love it and you’ll get better.

I hope these 3 tips will help you be the best you can be at tryouts, school volleyball, and club! Coaches will love you if they see these 3 things in you!Image

What we do wanna do

8 Nov

What we don’t want to do….

8 Nov

My wishes and dreams….

8 Nov

We all know that one person in our team who cannot put their hand in the cookie jar; snap their wrists. Well having the one person always bugs you because every time the attempt to hit the ball it either goes WAY out or straight into the net. I wish our coach would just realize that they do, do that and can just help them one on one. They could really use the help. It would not only benefit them, but it also benefits the team because we get more practice and repetition at practices and we get to win games! C’mon! Who doesn’t like to win?! I also wish that the players who can’t hit shouldn’t be on the good team just because they think they’re a good team player.

The first video is what we don’t wanna see and the second video is what we really do wanna see.


Hurricane Sandy

1 Nov


Hey guys, breaking topic a little here, but a hurricane in the east coast has been destroying it and many people are in need of relief. Here’s a link to a place where you can donate as much as you want to Hurricane Sandy. You can choose from the different charity links, they’re all trust worthy. Even a few dollars is enough for a person to get the care they need.



30 Oct

This post really caught my attention because C’mon…it was the giants! They’ve won two titles in three years! That’s bomb! It also caught my attention because it gives you good summary of the 2012 postseason for the Giants.

Go check it out!